Connectors for electrovalve to be wired

Connectors for electrovalve to be wired

The SHIELD electrovalve and actuator connectors with wired connection are characterised by their functional features which make assembly easy, quick and safe.

The central screw with combined cut and wide end does not require a washer; it is kept totally insulated and more than 3mm from the conductors (IEC 335-1) by the elastomeric gasket integrated in the contact holder, which also prevents it from loosening. The contact holder and housing are snapped together, which simplifies the assembly of the connector. The integrated gasket on the front side of the connector guarantees an IP67 water tightness. The connection is made by means of terminals with a cable gland plate, which prevents damage to the strands when tightening the screw and offers a larger contact surface.

For applications where strong vibrations occur, connectors with faston crimp terminals are available to ensure a solid connection between conductor and contact.

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