Magnetic switches

Magnetic switches

The SHIELD Pony range of sensors includes models suitable for insertion from the side (if the cylinder has an open slot at least one end) or for mounting from the top (for cylinders with a closed groove or little space at the ends), with the cable outlet sloping upwards for very short cylinders, with holes for mounting in a fixed position.

SHIELD reed switches have a reading field length between 8 and 12 mm and a sensitivity suitable for all cylinder types. On request, custom switches (not included in the catalogue) are available with a different sensitivity from the standard, for example for use with materials that reduce their magnetic force at high temperatures.
Electronic switches, on the other hand, have a reading range length of 5 mm and ensure that there is never any risk of double or triple switchover.

Sensors with Leds provide a bright visual indication of an active signal; a second power Led can also be installed on electronic switches.
To replace the switch without disconnecting the cables from the machine, models with M8 and M12 connectors are available.

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